Friday, 9 October 2015

3 Steps For How to Create a Successful Blog

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There is hundreds from different formulas or paths to start a successful blog but most pathways will have a few basic concepts that will always remain the same.
I'm then sure you must have read most from it on many blogs which are quite a necessary factor just not the only factor. To keep it easy I've broken it down to three simple steps. These post are made for basically word press based blogs just could comprise applied to other websites as well.

Get Traffic and make your Blog Successful

 I've realised that these 3 factors that make up the basic recipe from any successful blog are just 3 factors as given below

           Content ( Regularly Posted Content)
           SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
           Design (Look and structure from the blog)

Good Content are necessary mainly to build up an regular audience that comes back to your web log repeatedly and also get your posts linked or leading to AUTO SEO for your blog. An yeah do not forget that Google as well likes good content except once in a while as their evil pandas and penguins do stuff that they're not supposed to do. People also bookmark good article which make them comeback at a few part from time to your blog.

SEO is needed like all good product that needs advertising to get it noticed. Unless you seo optimize you blog it is unlikely that you'll comprise found on the vast internet where millions from blogs are vying every day for every person’s attention. These are made easy by word press SEO plugins that arrive at the job easy for you.

Design are an concept that pretty much needs no explanation. If you seen any makeover show with TV  you can get what I am trying to say  you make something look good ( like an blog - not an ugly chick) and people will come back and it will as well register on their mind. Design includes the colours from your web log structure from your blog and also the overall look by your web log. If you notice most successful blogs accept an light colour (or white colour) theme.

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