Thursday, 24 September 2015

Paid Blogging Market Reviews

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Paid Blogging Market Reviews

The blog marketing posts received many attention lately. Services like Pay Per Post created an innovative or albeit sometimes polemic or business model to connect advertisers on bloggers.
Advertizers gain publicity or traffic and improve their search engine rankings. Bloggers on the other hand receive a extra opportunity to generate revenue by their website.
Personally I'm still evaluating whether advertizers should buy posts or reviews directly from bloggers just some from the companies offering paid web log posts do accept an legit advertising model behind them. Below I'll cover the main paid blogging services check it out: As you could notice by the sidebar SponsoredReviews are a sponsor from this web log (although this isn't a paid post). The reason why I acceptable the company as an sponsor is pretty simple I act believe that their business model are credible. SponsoredReviews in fact require full disclosures and they accept some positive and negative reviews. Another advantage from SponsoredReviews comes by the fact that they allow bloggers and advertisers to negotiate the cost directly reducing the transaction fees.

ReviewMe: ReviewMe are one from latest entries to the market, and apparently it's performing really well. According to their website: We like to keep the guidelines loose so bloggers could write in a way that makes sense as their unique niche and audience. We act require that all reviews are at least 200 words long and that the review post are disclosed for being sponsored in some fashion. The main difference from ReviewMe are that they automatically calculate the review prices supported a few parameters (pagerank or traffic etc.).

PayPerPost: The company deserves the credit as arriving at the pay per post model popular across the blogosphere. Unfortunately it received a lot negative feedback when it launched it is services without requiring bloggers to publish disclosures. Lately PayPerPost has been redesigning it is offering though, including a few interesting features like an Top Earners” section where you could see who's making real income with the service. PayPerPost also has a lot from venture capital backing it up.

Blogvertise: Probably one from the first companies to employ the pay per base business model. If you search across the Internet you'll find some positive and negative feedback about their service. They do accept a vast array from advertising options just some from the requirements are problematic (they require 3 outgoing links to advertisers for instance). People also accept complained about receiving late payments.

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