Monday, 14 September 2015

How to Optimize Title Tag for WordPress

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How to Optimize Title Tag for WordPress

In my last article I wrote a post titled “Keep your Title Tags short and pertinent “Â outlining the better practices because Title tags. Most blogging platforms come on a standard Title tag structure that places the web log name and post title with single post pages.
     Suppose you've the ABC web log and you just published an post called Top 10 Firefox extensions. In that case your Title tag because that single page would be “ABC web log - Top 10 Firefox extensions”.
   These Title structure are good just not optimal. The best possible Title tag for an single blog post are the title of the post alone. The name from the web log will increase the number from keywords (reducing the value from each one) and it might not be related the post content at all.

Below you'll find the code that I use as my Title tag. This code will display the web log name with the home page the post title with single post pages and the web log name plus category name for category pages.

Optimize Title Tag for WordPress

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