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5 Best Sites helps you to Make Money on Twitter

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5 Best Sites helps you to Make Money on Twitter

Twitter has now become a part from every web user life. People use Twitter for variety from things like communicating on their friends and business partners to expand their social circle updating the world about how he/she's right now or doing and even to twitter.

In short Twitter accepts become a incredible tool not just for communication but for improving your life.
There are a lot of e-books out there telling how you gonna twitter. Generally such e-books is divided into 2 parts. One is How to your increase follower count and other part are about make money on twitter through using the different sites.
Today I'll talk about 5 Best Sites which are probably included in most from such e-books which will help you in Twitter.


RevTwt  is like Google adsense for Twitter. On the help from RevTwt you can earn money on the basis from Cost per Click(CPC) orCost per Thousand Followers(CPT) and the Cost per action(CPA). In CPC you just accept to post the advertisement you like to your twitter timeline. When the people who is following you clicks with the ad you posted then you get paid as each valid click according to the ad condition.
On the other hand with CPT you could earn an fix amount for every 1000 followers. Yet this type from advertising still needs a few pace as the advertisers are just a few and aren’t willing to put their money easily into it just still you can try your luck. And CPA is simple. You could post it anyplace you want like with forums or web log. When some user completes the full given action stated from advertiser like email submit and then you get paid for it. Check it out RevTwt.

2. Be-a-Magpie

Be-a-Magpie is another on Twitter by posting ads. But on be-a-magpie you'll find mostly lead based advertisers which pays you a certain percentage or money with every sale you reffer. So this might comprise hard for a lot of twitterers. But at the end you'll get a big amount with every sale. Check out Be-a-Magpie.

3. Twittad

Twittad can help you make money online with twitter if any advertiser sponsors your profile as a period. Actually I reviewed about Twittad last year but still lemme tell you once more.
After registering and submitting your twitter account info you'll be asked to set an price as a time period like 7 days to 15 days etc. After setting an price say $15 for 7 days if any advertiser is interested in sponsoring your twitter profile and then you'll get that money. Remember that the advertiser will now accept control to base the AD any time on that period(here example was 7days). Check it out Twittad.

4. Sponsored Tweets

Launched just few days back. Sponsored Tweets  isn't afresh thing in making money on Twitter but it's having the support of Izea to Kick start things. You make money online for sending tweet from the advertisers. As it's new there is very few advertisers on it network. But if you're having big follower count like from 20000+ or you're celebrity kind and then you might get a advertiser easily. I haven’t got any offer by there till now just still have a close watch on it site in coming future. Check Sponsored Tweets.

5. Assetize

Assetize  helps you to sell unique important twitter account to needy one’s and make benefit from it. It’s like selling domain. After registering list your unique or important account free of charge and place a starting bid. People Bid with your listed profile account and you then get paid when the bidding are over. It is really looks fun in using that service just I have not tried it myself yet. But you can Check it out Assetize.
So here we come to the end from these article. Hope you'll find all those 5 sites helpful to make money online with the Twitter. Be sure you do not become cruel to your followers from sending advertisements to them. Have some control with your hand and publish those ads only a few times and tweet useful things more.
    Waiting as your opinion. Act let me know your favorite amongst them. If I missed a few useful site which helps make money with twitter then do let me know by the commenting below.

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