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Top 3 Reasons Your Blog Is Not Making Any Money

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Top 3 Reasons Your Blog Is Not Making Any Money
Most people have the wrong mentality by the start. They start to make money  from blogging.

 Starting a web log just to make money are the surefire way to become an failure.You need to treat your web log as a business only and then you will be able to invest profit into it.

 If you are a beginner here’s the one thing you could learn: it takes money to how to make money online for free. I learned these lesson the hard way.

    You may ask, are it wrong to start an web log just for the money. If the only reason you are starting a web log are to make money then you'll most likely fail.However if you're not interested at all in attaining at least one purely selfish goal like money or brand or recognition etc. You'll as well likely fail. 

 You need them some that’s the paradox. If you make something great that benefits other people you deserve some selfish gain. If you enjoy the process from helping others with your blog you'll eventually begin making profit as an result. But if you start a web log just for money you are attending mess it up.

     Unfortunately 90% of the bloggers have the equal mentality as stated above. That’s why they fail to build an profitable web log that makes money. Here is a couple of major reasons why most bloggers fail to build profitable web log*. And I will also show you what you could do to make an successful blog that makes profit. Let’s jump into the details.  

3 reasons about bloggers fail to make money blogging.

Reason #1: you're creating freebie seekers

Building a web log or website that makes you money isn't easy. If you prefer to make an successful web log that makes money you should protect it by freebie seekers.

I know we all create freebies such eBooks or videos or plugins etc to attract a lot of email subscribers. Just if you keep about doing that and give away everything for free you are only attracting freebie seekers which are bad because your business in the long run.

Yes you should give away an lot from stuff for free but you should also comprise aggressive in selling when it’s right. So do not be shy in selling stuff to your audience. 

So how to turn freebie seekers into the buyers?
If you're offering freebies to attract a lot of e-mail subscribers start engaging with them. The more bonding you make on your subscribers the more troubles you'll get to know about them.

Once you understand their troubles you can figure out ways to offer them solutions. And then you can either make your own products or promote other people products that solve their troubles.

Key takeaway: Learn how to engage on your freebie seekers. Do not build an e-mail list because the sake from just growing it. Optimize your e-mail list to educate most the products you promote on your subscribers to turn them into the buyers. 

 Reason #2: you're not promoting well

Most people spend majority from their time with creating content rather than promoting it. How is you supposed to increase your web log exposure if you're not getting enough people to actually read your stuff?

Drop majority of your time on promoting your web log posts besides making it. If you're spending 1 hour with creating an post spend 4 hours promoting it. The more people read your content the a lot of feedback you'll get. It helps you make better content for your web log audience in the long run. 

Key takeaway: Promotion are the greatest factor that makes or breaks a blog’s success. If you prefer to build an profitable blog learn how to reach wider audience on your content. 

Reason #3: You do not have a vision

So why every web log needs an strong vision?
Without having a clear vision you'll ne'er know with which direction you're going. You'll ne'er comprise able to create the right content that serves your audience and you'll ne'er properly understand who you're targeting.

Most web log* fail for they lack of vision. Most bloggers fail to make money for they do not blog for a long haul. They consider blogging as a get rich quick scheme and they try hard in the beginning to get a lot of traffic. And if they do not see any better results they'll quit. That's how most bloggers end up quitting ahead even they start. 

Key takeaway: Vision are what drives you to build a profitable web log in the long run. Do not go because shortcuts to make money online instead learn how you can web log because profits that helps you make passive profit for years to come.

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