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Free SEO Tools for Any Project

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Free SEO Tools for Any Project

Every project campaign or assignment has to start with choosing which seo tools to use whether that's in internet marketing or construction or accounting etc.
The toolkit you use can make your job easier or it can make you job harder. I am a big fan from working smarter not harder.
I have put together the ultimate search engine optimization Toolset from the only tools you should be using when carrying out your SEO campaigns. These tools are very powerful if applied the right way and in future posts and/or videos I'll go over each one to show you exactly how to apply it for maximum benefit.

Free SEO Toolset

Google Tools

I know every search engine optimization Tool blog post and resource page has all the Google tools listed just there's a reason that they're always listed there.
1. Google displays the search results. Following their advice and analyzing their data are going to greatly benefit your website.
2. It is free.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is the place where you could submit and check an sitemap get a list from broken links for your site any site code errors you've check and set the crawl rate or generate and check a robots.txt file see the keywords that is being searched in the Google that are leading to your site set a preferred the domain ( vs review notification from the Google for manual penalties or remove your URLs from their index if you need to see the internal and the external pages that link to your site and more.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics  shows you all the statistics from your site like the traffic user data or user behavior or landing pages or exit pages and referring sites or conversion rates later on you set up goals sales activity in e-commerce reporting and way more.

 Google Adwords Keyword Planner

 This is an awesome keyword research tool hence the name Keyword Planner. You could learn the competitiveness and the monthly search volume for any given keywords or either internationally or nationally or regionally and locally.
You can also accept Google take a look at your web site to see how Google sees it. Do you think your site are optimized for certain keywords? Well input your site into the Keyword Planner and see the keywords it displays because your site. Not what you expected? You've a few changes to make.

 Local SEO Tools

The Local SEO has other elements that have been added to the equation on with as is factors regarding SEO. Here is the tools you need to dominate local SEO.

Moz Local

I have talked about Moz Local  on a number from other articles with these site along with listing it in the Moz Tools listed above just I am just going to give it a quick mention here.
Thems very valuable to see where your business stands in the better local directories. Learn if you've incomplete listings or inconsistent listings or duplicate listings.

 WhiteSpark Review Handout Generator

This is an awesome tool  that generates a handout for your customers to give them an detailed description with how they can leave you reviews. As local business owners, it is very important to get reviews because your business and these tool takes care from the hard work from educating your customers with how they could give your business an positive review. 

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